When will we be able to go back to Church?

When will we be able to go back to
Churches in England are to be gradually
reopened under a three-stage plan once
lockdown measures are eased, authorities have
Under the first phase, limited activities such as
streaming of services or private prayer by clergy
would be rolled out – so long as social distancing
and hygiene precautions are taken. This stage
has already begun, and Clergy are now permitted
to re-enter their Churches.
The second stage will see the reintroduction of
some rites and ceremonies, while the final phase
intends to allow worship with “limited
congregations” so long as government
restrictions are eased enough to allow this.
At a Video meeting during May, led by Bishop of
London Dame Sarah Mullally, the Church of
England agreed that the decision on the timing of
when to implement the new measures should be
made by individual diocesan bishops.
It stressed that this was guidance and not an
instruction or law and said that it will be
constantly reviewed depending on the national
National Church of England guidance will also be
updated in the “coming days” with further advice
on how the stages could be lifted, it added.
The Government have indicated that some
restricted opening of Churches may be allowed
from sometime in July. Pauline and Karen have been
emailed with a template of an action plan and
risk assessment to start the cleaning and
preparation of St Paul’s. More news as we know